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Ray Mc

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As the outside dia. of the ring exceeds 8 1/2" the print is cut off (see attached file).
I am doing painted segment bowl and would use this to keep seg # and wood species organized.


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The issue you are having is a printer problem WTP ring view prints out the exact size of the ring. So if your printer is limited to the standard paper size it will cut the rings off.

-- I generally take my laptop to the shop and just pull up the ring view for the ring I am working on.

-- Another method if you need a hard copy is to in WTP zoom the image down so in the ring view you can see the complete ring.
Do a printscrn , start up Word (word processer) and do a past. You can then print out the smaller image of the complete ring. You can do the same with any image editor.

Ray Mc

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well thanks, I've increased the paper size to tabloid which solves the problem of viewing the PDF file however I do not have a physical printer for that format. It will be laptop in the shop for me.

Lloyd Johnson

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At one time, I used to tile the printing which means that it would print on multiple pages when margins were exceeded and you could cut and paste the pages to get a full ring. I got a lot of grief from because this meant that each row would print four pages of color and printer cartridges are expensive. I first switched to scaling the ring to fit the printed page but that brought an equal number of complaints because customers used the full size printout to double-check their saw cuts.

If you are making painted segment projects, you should consider using Segment PRO. I added the Ring View to provide exactly what you are looking for. Segment PRO is also far superior for painting vessels. There isn’t a way to transfer plans from one software to the other because there is almost no commonality in how the data is stored or used in the two programs. The two programs were developed for two very different purposes - Segment PRO makes it fast and easy to make standard segmented vessels and Woodturner PRO allows you to do anything you can imagine, including staves, compound segments, wheel configurations, etc. You can make the same painted segments vessels you can make in Segment PRO, it will just take you a lot longer and you will not have access to some pretty cool tools.