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Hello everyone. About 6-8 months ago a I bought a wood lathe and fell in love with wood turning. I've always had a passion for wood working but nothing beats turning. Shortly after getting the lathe I learned about segmented turning and stumbled onto this site. After much research about segment pro I purchased it last week and I love it. I'm so amazed at how easy the program is to use. I also bought some of Tom's plans and made my first 1800 piece bowl. I hope to learn from all the talented people here and improve my skills at turning.


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Welcome to the WTP Forum.
Thanks for posting some of your work. Looks like you have a lot to offer in advice for beginners.

Lloyd's software is top of the line. imo, it has helped in advancing segment design and turning. I would recommend you also purchase the WTP suite. While it is the older software it gives you more control over your ring and vessel. There are times I design a vessel in SP. Then rebuild it in WTP so I can make some of the changes I want.

Happy turning.