New to segment turning!

Daniel Percell

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I am new to segment turning. Been doing it for a few months. Willing to take any advice with the craft. I have been a metal worker for most of my life but I find this wood work fun and relaxing and it fits into my workshop area inside. I have made a few segment bowls. I have ran into a few people on other sites that are also on this one. I see awesome pieces produced. I got the software and trying to figure it all out. Seems fun and unlimited possibilities.



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Welcome to WTP. You say your "new" to segment turning, but I will have to say you are no beginner.
Your bowls look great.

The Forums is a great place to ask questions regarding the software. Woodturner Pro gives you full control of your design. Segment Pro makes it so with a few clicks you can have a design and cut list.

Daniel Percell

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Thank you! I can’t wait to learn more always! I started working on a lathe and pretty much doing any real wood work about a year ago. This was my first bowl I made and I still use it for change. Lol. I pretty much stayed with metal work my whole life cause if you mess up a cut you can always add metal. Lol.