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Discussion in 'Bug Reports and Feedback' started by Shan DuMond, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Shan DuMond

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    Look at 5 and 7 on the cut list. Both are .9 in width and both have a SEL of 1.8.

    Why is one 9.2 in O.D. And the other 9.1?

    Shouldn’t they be the same? Logic says they can’t be different in diameter

    The inside diameter is different too! What gives?

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  2. mfisher

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    - I can't remember when but someone had a similar problem. If I remember correctly the user was changing the number of segments per ring a bunch and the program got confused. I would suggest sending Lloyd a note on what you are experiencing.

    - have you tried closing SP, start a brand new project and see if it happens again?

    - It would also be helpful if you exported the json file and posted it. Others could down load the project and see if it does the same thing on their pc's.

    Hopefully Lloyd will see your post and respond.

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