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I am just starting out with segmented bowls and wonder what is the best adhesive to use? I use Titebond II for all my other laminating. THX

Jeff Miller

I normally use Titebond II for my closed segmented pieces, but use the new Gorilla wood glue for the open segmented pieces. The Gorilla wood glue dries clear, instead of the slight yellow tint of Titebond. This allows me to leave a tiny amount of glue as a gusset for the segment without it looking messy.

Dick Sowa

I use only Titebond original. Most experienced segmenters use it as well. If I want water resistance, then Titebond II or III along with Gorilla glue are good choices.


PRO Member
Since I do a lot of salad bowls, I have tended to use only Titebond II. I have used Titebond 1 but often times it drys so fast I tend to not use it as much. Just recently, have been trying Titebond II Extended for complicated laminations. Seems to work well.