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I retired recently and live on a small farm raising cows and chickens. Have been playing with wood for a while, but never enough time to be serious. Now that I am retired I hope to spend a lot more time in the shop. My wife bought the "Stomper" for me a couple of years ago and I am just now learning to play with it and the software. Hoping this Old Dog can learn a few tricks.


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Welcome to WTP Forum

You will find this a friendly site to ask questions and share experiences in segmented vessel making. Enjoy your retirement.

We also have about 100 chickens that mostly my sweetheart takes care of and we would like to have several cows, sheep and a few goats to eat off the weeds in the next few years. I have been thinking on miniature cows and hair sheep do not know about the kind of goats yet. I have not done any segmenting yet but have all the software that I have been practicing with.

Maybe we can talk FARM sometime. :)


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Arlin, where are you located? We have a Zebu bull, cow and heifer 2 months old for sale. I have my first segments gluing up, hope to turn this week.
Iowa My wife takes care of the funds per the VA so I do not know if she will buy them now since funds are kind of tight. We have 100 acres with most of it fenced, but we are saving funds to buy them.