WTP Summary Species limit

Discussion in 'Woodturner PRO Support Forum' started by mfisher, Jan 10, 2019.

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    Up until this month I never used more than 4 or 5 species of wood in WTP, The summary sheet printed the correct amount of each species per ring. This week I was designing a vessel with 6 species of wood. The painting was no problem. Ring view showed the different species in the correct location. Then I printed the Summary View. That is where I noticed only 5 species were shown. The 6th species was missing. Seems WTP summary is limited to 5 species.

    My guess is the limit in page size within WTP and it being an older program. I did design the same vessel in SP. The summary report / cut list showed all 6 species and the number of segments.

    Lloyd. Is improving the summery print / view for WTP a consideration to handle more species like SP? It is no big deal, but I do like the control one has in WTP in segment design.

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