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Discussion in 'Woodturner PRO Support Forum' started by mfisher, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. mfisher

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    Up until this month I never used more than 4 or 5 species of wood in WTP, The summary sheet printed the correct amount of each species per ring. This week I was designing a vessel with 6 species of wood. The painting was no problem. Ring view showed the different species in the correct location. Then I printed the Summary View. That is where I noticed only 5 species were shown. The 6th species was missing. Seems WTP summary is limited to 5 species.

    My guess is the limit in page size within WTP and it being an older program. I did design the same vessel in SP. The summary report / cut list showed all 6 species and the number of segments.

    Lloyd. Is improving the summery print / view for WTP a consideration to handle more species like SP? It is no big deal, but I do like the control one has in WTP in segment design.
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    I've used SP for several months now and wanted to try out WTP so I could vary the ring thicknesses and I too noticed that the summary view doesn't show all the species that I painted the vessel with. The summary view appears to max out at five species. :(

    I attached the .wtp file for Lloyd to examine.

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  3. mfisher

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    I received an email from Lloyd on why the limit of 5 species for the printing summary. I agree with Lloyd in that is was a good compromise. Besides as he stated the species for segments show up correctly in the ring and vessel view.

    " I simply ran out of real estate to print more than five species without having to use a smaller font. I already use narrow fonts and have used abbreviations. Limiting the summary to five species with a larger font is far more important to everybody than more than five segments which is rarely done and would would make the Summary harder to read.

    You have to draw lines somewhere. I could have gone to six which would have been fine until someone wanted to use seven. Fortunately, you can use as many species as you want in Woodturner PRO and it will display correctly as both a vessel and a ring view so I believe that’s as good as is necessary. "
  4. Sig

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    Thanks for your reply.

    Seems like you'd have a "page 1" summary for species 1-5 and a "page 2" summary for species 6-10 if the user has entered more than five species.

    A pop-up warning the user that they have entered more then five species but the software won't print that out on the summary page could also improve the user experience. It could help the user not waste time trying to figure out what they did wrong.
  5. mfisher

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    I would bet it is a rare situation when someone uses more than 5 species. Since the ring view will show the 6 or more species one can use that as a guide for proper sequencing and how many segments of each species that needs to be cut.

    Might be good to do some manual counting instead of having the program do it all, (lol).

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