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    Is there a way to change individual row thickness in Segment Pro, or are do they all need to be the same? I want to do a feature ring that is painted. Thinner rings allow more detail to paint. Maybe this is coming in a later version. I am not seeing any way to adjust individual row thickness, but maybe I am missing something. Wood Turner Pro still seems the only way to do this sort of thing.
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    The short answer is you cannot change the individual row thickness in SP. You can select in the story board either 4 or 2 accent rings or just the featured ring. You can adjust the accent rows and the featured ring thickness. Outside of the story board, the rest of the rings cannot be changed.

    I have painted a vessel in SP. I used SP as a guide to recreate the vessel in WTP with the thickness I want for any of the rows. It takes some time, but if you want full control it seems WTP is the option.
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    Wish I had known this before getting segment pro instead of WTP. Wonder why the ability to make individual rows thinner was not in the program? Never gave it a thought when purchasing. Out of my stupidity I never checked that. I really like to change the row thickness up in my projects.
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    SP has a different target group. Those who want a design without a great of planning. I use all of Lloyds programs. Because of the paint feature in SP I may design a vessel in it. Then take the design and recreate it in WTP to change row height, etc.

    Lloyd wrote
    "This is a good opportunity for me to review the decisions I made when writing Segment PRO.

    A large percentage of my users are not strong with computers and I’ve watched them struggle to get over the software learning curve. When I retired to work on this company, I finally had the time to write a new program where I could let the software do most of the work. This let me greatly reduce the user interface and, thanks to video tutorials, it is far simpler and much faster to design a ‘standard’ segmented bowl. In an instant gallery, about 80% of the segmented bowls you find are standard.

    The software engine that builds the bowls follows a complex algorithms to build various styles of bowls but if something non-standard was allowed, the engine wouldn’t know what to do. Also, to allow you to add anything non-standard, I have to add a lot of user interface and since there isn’t any more screen real estate available, it would mean additional screens and we’re right back to the learning curve issue.

    Fortunately, Woodturner PRO allows you to create virtually 100% of segmented bowls and also gives you much more control of the vessel with the trade off that you have to do all of the work. As Mike can attest, once you work with it for awhile, you will like using it.

    The important thing is for you to understand if a new project falls into the standard mode or not. If so, Segment PRO will do it in a fraction of the time. If it isn’t, Woodturner PRO is the software to use.

    Since the two programs have almost nothing in common, exporting from Segment PRO to Woodturner PRO would be difficult and very incomplete. Starting in the correct software is the best answer.

    Title: Adding accent rings in SegPro

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