Stone Inlay on Bowl

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    These days, I like making bowls. Also... personally, I like seeing the pith in the bowl.. or on rim... cracks and all don't bother me... I like it... the way I see, it gives the bowl character.

    However, I had a nice hunk of pear wood, that was cracking badly near the rim... so, I optioned to inlay crushed stone, in the part that had "key" cracking. I didn't take a photo beforehand, I wish I had now, because perhaps someone else can learn something from this posting.

    At any rate, over at "Michaels", you can buy 28 ounces of crushed stone for 4 bucks. Or, of course, you can spend 11 or 12 bucks and buy 1.1 ounces of "Turners Select Crushed Stone Magnesite" at Craft Supplies. However, I did need to use the carbide cutter to turn down the stone from Michaels.

    Here is the result. The first photo is closer to the actual color. 9½ rim x 4 3/4 Height.


  2. mfisher

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    Nice accent.
  3. MidwestMan

    MidwestMan New Member

    Thanks !
  4. Bob Beaupre

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    Nice touch, I like it.
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  5. MidwestMan

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    Thanks Bob. :)

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