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    1.21.18 Are you kidding me! No undo in the Woodturner Pro? How is this possible? I just bought the whole package and I can't believe software this sophisticated doesn't have "undo" capabilities. I'm certain that all those new to this software and even those who've been using it a while would find it handy. This software was supposed to save me time and make the process easier. When can we expect it?
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    I was just finishing a ukulele body today and all I had left to do was cut the binding channel. I was changing directions of the cut just where you're supposed to do it when a piece of the soundboard when flying by my head resulting in nearly 7 hours and $50 down the drain. I caught myself thinking that an Undo feature would be pretty handy.

    Sadly, you and I were both disappointed, although you seem to be a lot more disappointed than I was.

    There is nothing easy about writing Undo functionality unless you're writing word processing or database-driven software where it is pretty easy to roll back to an earlier state. Adding a single Undo to the Paint feature of Segment PRO took more than a week of programming. I'd put one of my top programmers on this for you but I'm the only employee of the company and when it comes to writing Undo functionality or working in my shop - well, what would you choose?

    I do feel bad about some of the things my software doesn't do. But at the Kansas City Symposium this year, I walked through the instant gallery and was amazed at the fabulous segmented pieces I saw that were made by my customers which made me feel really good about all of the things my software does do. In fact, segmenters in nearly 50 different countries are pretty dang happy with what I've done for them and for the segmenting community over the past 17 years.

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    Thank you for the reply Lloyd. I hope you can understand my frustration. After using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and various other turning design software pretty extensively I grew to depend on an undo feature as I sure most users do. When designing a piece an undo feature should be standard otherwise the designer is forced to delete all the work and start from the beginning. At first I was really excited about your software hoping to get off on the right foot having never turned any segmented pieces. So excited in fact I bought the whole bundle.
  4. Lloyd Johnson

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    You flatter me, Spongeworthy. I've never had anyone say Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Woodturner PRO in the same paragraph. Boy, are you ever going to be disappointed. But thanks for the good laugh.

    You also had me going there for a bit about various other turning design software. There are only two and anyone I know that has them both uses only one of them. I'll let you guess which one that is. I am the only one in the world currently writing software for segmenters.

    You are WAY to fixated on Undo. When you're designing a vessel what is it that you think you have to undo? If you don't like the shape, you just edit the wall profile and click Profile-SNAP and you have a complete new design. In Segment PRO, once you've created all of your adornments, you can simply change profiles and your adornments are now part of the new design. If you change from 16 to 20 segments and don't like it, change back to 16. If I even thought that Undo was necessary, I would spend the time it takes to write it on new functionality that adds value.

    BTW, if you are just starting out, you should be using Segment PRO because I wrote that software for people new to segmenting. If you haven't watched any of the video tutorials, click this link:
    Title: Segment PRO

    Segment PRO is kinda like an autonomous car. It does all the work for you. You just have to select (or draw) a profile and stand back. I can't even imagine why you would want an Undo feature except for the Paint screen and there is one there already. Segment PRO lets you design about 90% of the vessels that are made every day. Woodturner PRO lets you design almost anything you can imagine but you have to do all of the work. Customers that have them both know exactly when you should use one or the other because they are night and day different.
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