Feature Ring Stuck

Stephen Roberts

PRO Member
The Feature Ring in SP can "stick" to the top of the model. When it does, it can't be moved using the "move feature" in the Bowl Settings (move down, in particular). To witness this phenomena, open the sixth vase profile in the overall Profiles list. Next select the "Feature Ring" radio button in the Bowl Settings. The Feature Ring is added at the top of the vase profile and can't be moved - it's stuck. I can "un-stick" the feature ring by selecting the top "knot" point in the Profile View that is below the top Golden Ratio line and moving that point away from the center until that point is clearly at the largest diameter. Apparently SP wants to locate the Feature Ring at the point at the greatest diameter within the Golden Ratio lines. The profile of this vase and some other profiles show their greatest diameter outside outside the red lines, but I don't know if this interpretation is close to being correct?

Lloyd Johnson

Staff member
Here is the way the software works with regards to a Feature Ring Bowl...

First, it is assumed that a standard feature ring bowl has a feature group at the top consisting of a closed segment ring and an optional accent ring beneath it.

Next, it is assumed that this standard bowl has a solid (or segmented) base row with an optional accent ring above it.

Finally, there is a primary feature group that has a feature ring with zero, one or two accent rings above and below it.

The placement of the primary feature ring is based on the widest dot of the wall profile and the vertical center of that group is placed at that elevation.

This all works pretty well, unless the widest dot is at (or near) the top of the bowl. If it is, it is a way to tell the software that the top feature group should be eliminated and the primary feature group should start at the top of the vessel and continue down as far as necessary. If this happens, you cannot use the Move Feature button because that would simply not be something that would be expected to happen.

As much as I have tried, I have not found a better way to handle this situation and I am very comfortable with how it has been implemented as I think it is exactly what would happen with a standard feature ring bowl with the widest part of the bowl being at the top of the bowl.

Obviously, there will be times when a user wants to do something other than this but to add the additional user interface to deliver instructions to the software would require another page which goes against the purpose of Segment PRO whose primary design intention is to minimize the user interface.

In the event that you want to do something that isn't a 'standard' thing that would happen to a segmented vessel, just remember that Woodturner PRO will let you do whatever you want to do.

I'm more than glad to listen to suggestions as to how it should have been implemented differently, but if it involves additional complexity or user interface, it isn't likely to happen since WTP is there to do whatever it is you're trying to do.