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    Hi All
    Have downloaded seg pro, trial. and seem to be having a problem with calculations,my bowl consists of 9 rings no1 is the base no2 gives me a board length of 21.7" but it gives me a SEL of 2.200" which doesn't add up because i should have a board length of 26.4. plus ring no 4 was totally way out i cut a SEL of 3.300 which made a ring size of over 12" which just dropped through ring 3 which was a SEL of 2.800 and the bowl is surpposed to be 6" outer diameter tried another bowl print out and this one said ring no2 board length 11" but again SEL of 1.249 which on my calculator says 14.988, so again tried another bowl this time ring 2 says board length 5.9" SEL .772 which should add to 9.264" board length. So done this with 4 bowls and all the same. i know its a long time since i was in school, and i am just a thick farmer, but HELP.
    Also can't make software fit screen properly summary screen columns are squashed.
    All are 12 segmented rings.

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    Hi Phillip.
    It would be helpful if you attached your SP file for us to look at. This will help us see what you are seeing.
    Or list the OD for each ring. We can try to recreate.

    By any chance did you try: save the file, close the program, restart the program and open the plan. Then look at the result and see if it makes sense?

    When your calculating your board length are you using the flip method for cutting segments or grain matching (not flipping the board.)?
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    This is the first summary i did and the ring no 4 was to large slips right over ring 3 i use the seg easy sled with degree templates i am not flipping the board just moving from edge to edge.

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    Not sure what is happening with your file. I would suggest deleting and starting over.
    I used a profile I had, went into summary and inputted your OP and ID. The calculations seem to be correct.
    Give it a try. (See attached image for what I came up with.) I also included the SP file which you can import.

    Segeasy sled is great.

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