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  1. russ braun
    russ braun Bob Beaupre
    Bob, I have a piece designed; want to print the "paint" page to use as my pattern next to my glue up jig. I think I want to build this piece in two pieces (10K+ pcs). I do not see a readily available print option or a way to print it in halves (not a big deal, I have scissors, lol)! I have also tried to send it to my work computer but am having issues capturing it there on that program. Deleted my niceties, 420 max!
    1. Bob Beaupre
      Bob Beaupre
      You will need to do a screen shot, bring it up in paint or similar program and then print it
      May 10, 2017
  2. Mike Hargreaves
    Mike Hargreaves
    Just beginning my turning adventures. Retired Cop In Idaho.
  3. MrMitch
    MrMitch Bob Beaupre
    hi bob, just bought segment pro yesterday. how do I get the other programs that goes with it?
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    2. Bob Beaupre
      Bob Beaupre
      OK that gets you everything!
      If you have not yet downloaded all the programs go to the Home page then to the Download page and down load and install the four programs under the 3.x installers. You should have been given two different authorization codes, one for Segment PRO and the other will work with Woodturner PRO and Lamination PRO
      May 9, 2017
    3. MrMitch
      Thank you Bob. Downloaded with no problem. Well maybe one, I got to figure out how to use them. With the forum and videos shouldn't be to hard. Thanks again.
      May 9, 2017
    4. Bob Beaupre
      Bob Beaupre
      Any questions just ask
      May 9, 2017
  4. Bobsturnery
    Bobsturnery Alan Weiler
    Like your bowl.
  5. Paul Williams
    Paul Williams
    Attended my first segmenting symposium last October. Bought Woodturner Pro package in December. Just finished my first bigger vase.
  6. log334cuting
    log334cuting Alex Mack
    Good morning Alex. My name is Ronald Black and I live in Macomb. I belong to the Detroit Area Woodturners. We meet in the Pontiac Creative Arts Center in downtown Pontiac. We meet on the third Sunday of the month from 1:30 pm till 4:00 pm. We also have a copula of workshops a month in the club workroom in the basement. Look us up at: and check it out.
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  7. Glenn McCarron
  8. Bruce
    Bruce Lloyd Johnson
    Lloyd, just downloaded Segment Pro. Can you point me to a source that gives me a good intro to it? I have looked at various videos and just can't seem to find anything that helps get me started.
    Also, is there a Help function/users manual at all?
    Bruce Kamp
  9. Tommy Norris
    Tommy Norris
    Love building segmented projects and learning more about the craft everyday. The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know.
  10. Bob Beaupre
    Bob Beaupre Lloyd Johnson
    When I start the program and create a profile I can get into paint and it works. However if you have a palette that is missing a species the program crashes when you go to that palette
  11. Tim Boger
    Tim Boger John Manura
    Really Impressed with the Segmented Bells, your processes are tried and true ... a very well done video as well.
    Thanks for making it and sharing.
  12. mfisher
    mfisher Jeff Kuchlak
    Welcome to WTP forum. Instead of introducing yourself only on the members profile page, start a thread on the "Introduce Yourself Forum"
    More people will see it and respond.
  13. Jeff Kuchlak
    Jeff Kuchlak
    Hi, my name is Jeff Kuchlak and I am a woodturner who lives in Mesa, AZ. I look forward to using my new copy of Woodturner Pro.
  14. Bob Beaupre
    Bob Beaupre Brent Dalrymple
    Thanks for the information, been having trouble finding any
  15. Bob Beaupre
    Bob Beaupre Brent Dalrymple
    Brent can I ask where you get your holly
    1. Brent Dalrymple
      Brent Dalrymple
      Hi Bob: I bought a few boards 5+ or so years ago from Woodworkers Source in Phoenix using their web site. I haven't seen any there recently but their stock changes frequently. I've also bought a few 1x1x12" sticks from Griffin Exotic Wood using their web site. Gilmer Wood Company in Portland, OR, currently has some nice looking holly boards on their web site--I checked this morning.
      Nov 3, 2016
  16. Bob Beaupre
    Bob Beaupre John Manura
    Hi John,
    Love your Pasanky Eggs. Where did you learn to make them? Or did you learn by trial and error. I have been struggling with 48 segment bowls with thin layers, but looks like you have the thin layer thing under control. These look great, nice job

  17. Bob Beaupre
    Bob Beaupre Lloyd Johnson
    Lloyd make sure to bring some open segment plates along to Boston, Looking to pick up a 48 and a 24 for sure
  18. Diesel doc
    Diesel doc Lloyd Johnson
    Lloyd: can't find PDF file for specs on open sled.
    1. Lloyd Johnson
      Lloyd Johnson
      Sep 30, 2016
  19. Pete M
    Pete M Lloyd Johnson
    Is the centering piece of the stomper available in a larger diameter with a 1" center hole?
    1. Lloyd Johnson
      Lloyd Johnson
      No. It is only made in the 13.5" diameter and it only has a hole to fit the size of the Stomper plunger I sell. However, if you can fit the disks within Cole jaws, it would be simple to enlarge the holes. Alternately, put a 13/16" Forstner bit in a drill press and use it to center the disks. Then secure them in that position and switch to a 1" Forstner bit and drill the holes.
      Sep 27, 2016
  20. Bob Beaupre
    Bob Beaupre Lloyd Johnson
    Would you please bump me up to the Pro Member status.