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  1. Ed Cuttle
    Ed Cuttle Lloyd Johnson
    lloyd, i had to get a new compute as my hard drive failed how can i get the software down loaded to my new machine? i will try and download it again?
    thanks for your help, ed
  2. Gary Ardesson
    Gary Ardesson
    I am brand new to woodturning and looking for a mentor in the Lake Havasu City, AZ area. If there is someone out there please let me know.
  3. Tom4328
    Tom4328 Lloyd Johnson
    How can I obtain my authorization code for Segment Pro? I cannot find the email I received in January, 2019 with it and now I need to reinstall it on a different computer. Please let me know what I need to do to obtain this. Thank you.
    1. Bobsturnery
      Tom, Go to your profile page and under preferences you will find your Auth-1 code to activate your software.
      Jun 25, 2019
    2. Tom4328
      Thank you very much!
      Jun 25, 2019
  4. Michael Bass
    Michael Bass
    Try, try and try again, and when your finished, try again.
  5. artman60
    I confused status with signature, what is status?
  6. artman60
    The clock of life is wound but once.
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  7. Lloyd Johnson
    Lloyd Johnson
    Roy, formatting the data is limited from the software so exporting to a spreadsheet program is the only way to get powerful formatting.
  8. Lloyd Johnson
  9. Lloyd Johnson
    Lloyd Johnson
  10. Chuck Margeson
    Chuck Margeson Marshall Perry
    Hi Marshall
    How do you like your wedgie sled?
  11. Roy Esslinger
    Roy Esslinger Bob Beaupre
    Bob, I was wondering if Lloyd is OK I tried to call him last week and no response.
  12. Adam Lee
    Adam Lee
    Sofa Cao Cấp Quận 11
  13. Roy Esslinger
    Roy Esslinger Lloyd Johnson
    Dear Lloyd, In segment Pro in the summary I optimize the board width etc. and when I try to print it, it does not look like the summary. So I export the file and it wants to save the file in Excel. I do not have Excel on my computer. Is it really advantageous to have the files in Excel? So that you can recognize them better?
  14. Trinetra
  15. Trinetra
    TRINETRA|Coffee Table Book Project on jyotirliga in Delhi NCR
  16. Aprilm
    Aprilm Bob Beaupre
    hi Bob , Just joined this site/forum. How do I post a general question to the group? I only see a posting block on a specific persons site.
  17. Don Groesser
    Don Groesser Lloyd Johnson
    Lloyd, Don Groesser here. I lost my computer and my log on key to use the Woodturner programs. Could you please send it to me. Thanks
  18. Richard Wilkman
    Richard Wilkman
    Turning big pieces of wood into smaller ones.
  19. Hughie
    what a wonderful world
  20. Jan Conradie
    Jan Conradie
    From Sedgefield, South Africa