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Off Center


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Can someome explaing how they handle centering a segment when they are using a standalone fixture for segment placement. Please refer to the attached picture for claification. If one edge of the segment is on the center line of the bowl the other edge is not pointing to the center. The segments center should be pointing at the center of the bowl but I see no way to accomplish this.
Off Center 2.png

Ken Sherwin

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I don't set segments this way but if the segment included angle is set correctly (30 degrees for a 12 segment ring, for example) both segment edges and its centerline should point to the same place which is the center of the emerging ring. If they don't, your included angle is wrong.

Mike Selser

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Both edges and the center line all converge at the center of the bowl. Your illustration just shows the segment placed at the wrong distance from the center.

Lloyd Johnson

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Mike is correct. If you move the segment closer to the center, the problem gets worse. If you move it away from the center, where both edges point to the center, that is the correct outside diameter for the SEL of that segment.

Also, the drawing you show has a curve at the diameter of the big circle. Where it crosses the segment, though, is not correct. The outside diameter is measured at the dead center of the outside edge of segment and that single point is the only place that the outside diameter of the ring will be correct and where both edges point to the center.

That means that you can only remove enough wood from the ring until the outside is smooth. You often turn off additional wood, but the calculated diameter is no longer accurate. It isn’t a big difference, but I’m often asked why the actual outside diameter isn’t what was calculated.


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MikeS is correct. Here is a diagram of a 8: diameter 12 segment ring. Note the two edges of the segment go to the center. If the segment is not at the proper diameter the edges will not point to the center. When the same segment is moved closer to the center the outside edge line does not intersect the true center.

Screenshot 2024-01-06 133724.png
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