• Are you looking for a coupon code to buy my software? You can get one from lots of 3rd party sites but they won't work. My software never goes on sale and has never been discounted. The only coupon codes that are given is when I give a club presentation and I offer a discount to the attendees. Other than that, everyone pays the same price.

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I just saw a post where it seems you asked me for a pic of the DRO on my saw. I answered it but suspect I'm way too late to help you. If you'd like to talk about my DRO or anything else in my process, my phone is (765) 427-0466.
Having an issue as i messed up the profile view in seg pro ???
Hi Martin.
Not sure what you mean you "messed up the profile view in SP"
What specifically is the issue?
Is it still a problem if you close the program and reopen SP?

It would be better to post your question in the Software Support / Segment Pro Forum. Not everyone looks at profile posts.
I bet the fishing is good where you live. I met a guy from Red Deer on a Cunard cruise to Hawaii in 2012 the year I retired. He worked for CAT I think. He had that Canadian accent.