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Good Morning
Looking for guidance for RPM setting for turning first open segment bowl.
Bowl is 1111118 segments, 5.125" height and 8.6" diameter.

Thanks in advance for your input
Lloyd Johnson
Lloyd Johnson
I’d say 900 rpm is a good place to start.
I am in the process of making my first piece with a pattern I glued up all the rings according to the ring summary but am having a serious lapse as how to align the rings when gluing them together to achieve the pattern I created in segment pro if anyone can help me I'm sure it's really easy but I just can't seem to get it thanks
- If you painted a pattern in SP use the paint view as a guide. You can do a screen capture and print out the pattern.
- When gluing rings together there are two things to check one is to make sure the ring is centered to the turning axis. Using the stomper or taking measurements at 0,90,180, 270, of the added ring to the ring it is being glued to. If the distance is the same the ring is centered.
- as far as the pattern. The ring being added is generally glued so the edge of the segment aligns to the middle of the lower ring segment (making a brick layering pattern for joints.)
- Use the paint view as a guide to stack the rings. Make a pencil mark if needed to keep track of segment as you are aligning the rings.
- I will then check the pattern at 0,90,180,270 to make sure the design is correct.
I just saw a post where it seems you asked me for a pic of the DRO on my saw. I answered it but suspect I'm way too late to help you. If you'd like to talk about my DRO or anything else in my process, my phone is (765) 427-0466.
Having an issue as i messed up the profile view in seg pro ???
Hi Martin.
Not sure what you mean you "messed up the profile view in SP"
What specifically is the issue?
Is it still a problem if you close the program and reopen SP?

It would be better to post your question in the Software Support / Segment Pro Forum. Not everyone looks at profile posts.