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Making a new sled for cutting segments. Could you send a photo of your DRO setup so i can include it with my new sled?
Dear Lloyd, Thanks for sending me authorization to use your software again. I loaded it on my desktop here at the house, and all 3 work fine. I forgot and didn't keep the e-mail you sent me, and I don't know how to install it on my laptop down at my shop. Could you please help me set up my other computers.
Thanks again for all your help and I hope to see you in Chicago this fall. Roy Essinger
Lloyd Johnson
Lloyd Johnson

Login to the Forum and click on your name. Click ‘Preferences’ and scroll down to see the two authorization codes you purchased at different times. Make a print screen of that page and keep it in hard copy. I’m the only employee of the company and if something happens to me, there won’t be anyone to lookup your code.

Call me with questions. It is best to do this with a phone call.

G'Day I am a new member. I did have the old version of the Woodturner Pro software and could not update it.
Hope to make much better use of the software now. I am from Australia and retired and enjoy woodworking whether it be furniture making to making
Guitars and Violins.
Hello from Sunny Scottsdale AZ. Just joined and looking forward to segmenting. Been turning for many years but never segmented projects. Instagram is @wheelchairartisan. And yes I turn and build all from a wheelchair.
Which lathe do you use?