Ring view does not match the bowl plan


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Hi David
It would be helpful if you could export out your plan and attach the .json file. That would allow someone to download your plan and look at it.

I created a 24 segment tornado bowl. I "painted" the pattern to create your bowl. The ring view came out correct. The ring view came out like what you posted when I used the tornado bowl selection and used the story board to come up with the pattern.
Try painting the pattern and see if you get the disk view to come up correct.


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I have attached the exported plan. The palette is shown as the same on all three screens (bowl, paint and storyboard).
I think I solved the problem. I downloaded your json file. I went into the palate for "saved plan". Number 6 was blackwood. That is what was showing up on the ring view. I changed it to maple.
When I pulled up the storyboard (in the right top is indicates the palate "Species Palate - Saved Plan".
In storyboard the palate for number 6 shows maple.
Ran the ring view and it shows up as what you have created.
Hopefully I saved your file correctly and have attached it here.

Bob was correct, the issue was in the palate.



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I get the same thing. I would just go into paint and do the same thing that should work fine
Bob: I was also getting the same thing. I had to change the "saved palate" on number 6 to maple.
Then the ring view came up correctly.
Thanks for the research. You actually have to change #5 to Cherry and #6 to Maple to get the Ring View to work correctly. So instead of using 1, 4, 7 and 3 as shown on the Storyboard you are actually using 3, 4, 5 and 6.

You have found a work-around, but there must be a bug in the software.

Something to fix someday...
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