Width of bottom rows seems excessive

I produced my first design and bowl using Segment Pro. I have been using a different piece of software and it allowed/required that I determine the thickness of each ring to account for the curve of the bowl. Segment Pro only asks for one 'wall thickness' and it adjusts the wall thickness and board widths to compensate for the curve of the bowl.

However, when I reviewed the summary and looked at the cutaway view it seemed that the width of the bottom two rows of my bowl was just too much. I reduced it some from what the plan called for and still had to cut away a great deal more wood than seemed necessary (at least 1/2")

Other than just guessing about how wide these rows really need to be, is there some setting or something that is causing the plan to make the bottom rows so wide?

I attached the file in Excel.



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In Lloyd's tutorial Saving Profiles and Plans it explains how the bottom rows thickness can be altered.
In the Profile view the next to last dot. (one up from the bottom). This dot position tells the sofware where to start making the ring transition to the bottom of the bowl. Moving that dot lower (closer to the base) reduces the width of the ring. The link below should take you to the tutorial I mentioned.

Title: Saving Profiles and Plans