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Tornado Bowl

lester gillett

PRO Member
This is my first try at open bowls. I have the 16 segmented seg-easy plate and just
order the wedge for it. I looked on Wood Turner Pro and found the plans for the
Tornado Bowl. After I changed the number of segmented to 16 I see it has me
cutting the picas at 9.2 and the plate shows 8.25. Also the gape is set to 4 degs.
should I set the gap to a different setting?

Segment PRO is correct.
Open segment angle is 6 degrees and the cut angle should be 8.25 degrees
Thanks Bob, that's what I was hoping it was. Now all I need is to receive the wedge from
Jerry. I have some walnut picas I am using and not sure what the other wood will be.
I am starting my open segmented bowl and wounder what type of saw blade you use?
I have tried a 60 tooth and a plywood blade. Both give me a splinted segmented that
takes some sanding to remove. Would like to buy a new blade just for the open segments
and want to buy the right one.
Bob I bought a 60T Diablo blade and what a different that made. I am starting to make the Tornado
bowl. I made a mistake when I glued up the first ring to the bade of the bowl. So I cut that off and will
start over on that row. I have a new paces made and all the others ready to go. Thanks for the help.
Here are a few pictures of my fixture for the table saw That I use for cutting my segments5-1.jpg
In this picture you see a white colored piece of wood with the word "UP" and an arrow pointing to the right. The actual piece I am cutting is underneath it. This piece of wood on top helps eliminate some more of the little fuzzes.