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Applying glue on open segments

Art Bodwell

PRO Member
I've been using a syringe to apply glue for open segment work. As you know it only takes a very small amount of glue to do the job and accurately placing it minimizes cleanup.
The syringe is plastic tube with a curved tip. Name is Monojet curved 412. Available on Amazon today for $5.29 for a package of five.

It does and makes application faster. A few hints. Don't put too much glue in the tube. It does dry fairly quickly. I usually only put about 1/2" of glue in the tube. With that I can usually get two rings, depending on the number of segment in a ring. After the first ring, I stand the tube in a small container of water so the tip is submerged. When done for the day, or a lunch break, I remove the plunger, put the entire tube in a container of water so the whole tube is submerged. When you come back all or most of the left over glue is dissolved. What is not is liquid and can be expelled by putting the plunger in the tube. Also, don't use too much pressure, very little will start a flow you can work with. When inserting the plunger after putting in the 1/2", hold it over a paper towel since some will be lost by inserting the plunger. When the plunger starts the flow back off and you can regulate the flow. With a little practice you will get the idea. I'm still on my first tube and nozzle.