Keepsake box for granddaughter

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  1. Dakotajack

    Dakotajack New Member


    MY wife and I completed this project for our Granddaughter, I did the woodwork, the wife did the glass inlay. Plans were found through the Woodsmith Show on PBS.
  2. LewisClark

    LewisClark New Member

    It's nice but if you would have done some designs on the side of the frame it would have been more attractive. I know it's bit time consuming.
  3. Wow that's beautiful but isn't it a bit off if you needed the box immediately? Try to browse online keepsake boxes store like they have keepsake boxes and display that might interest you.

    I hope this helps...
  4. Arlin Eastman

    Arlin Eastman Member

    I like it and looks like you added some contrasting splines as well. Grandkids are wonderful, almost as good as the kids.

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