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Using CNC in segmented bowl turning


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I haven't been active recently in segmented bowl turning. About 2 months ago a I bought a desktop CNC and have been spending time getting up to speed with that. I would like to incorporate my CNC into other aspects of my hobby and that includes segmented bowl turning. I am wondering if anyone has done that and what they have done.


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The woodclub I belong to has two CNC machines. Just started to use the CNC to cut segments for 90 segments per ring. First test ring came out great. The CNC machines the club has also has a lathe attachment for cutting on round objects. I might later try it to engrave some patterns on a bowl.

I think the accuracy of the CNC will be a plus when it comes to higher count segment per ring.


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I have used my CNC machine to cut the pieces for two different platters. I have also used the CNC to build feature rings. I will see if I can find some pictures of those. Just a lot of fun to learn how to do more with the wood and machines that I have.


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