Not specifically related to segmenting, but....

Alex Garcia

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I will be retiring soon(ish) and am looking for ideas for my forever lathe. I currently own a Delta 16/42 and a Vicmarc VL300 short bed. Both lathes are great and I use the Delta for about 95% of my turning. What I would like is a single lathe that gives me the benefit of both the swing of the Vicmarc and the bed length of the Delta. The only criteria that I am really looking at is a bed extension and (potentially) a swing away option for the tailstock. Everything I own is 1-1/4 x 8 and #2 MT.

I have been researching the Robust American beauty at the top end, The Laguna Revo 24/36, the Powermatic 3520C, the Rikon 70-3040 and the Grizzly G0800.
Each of these lathes have their merits and their downsides but, for those of you that own these lathes, what are your thoughts on why you are happy/unhappy with your purchase? I have spent a lot of time on youtube and lumberjocks and I need to hear from owners to give me a path to follow. This is the last lathe I will ever probably buy so I want to make sure that I get one that can stand the test of time.