WTP calculating board length

Lynn Chastain

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Using a ring dia of 7" outside,4.5 inside dia 48 Segments WTP shows an Econo Board length of 61.61". Can this be right, the circumference is only 21.99" or is it a mistake in the program?


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Not sure what happened for you. I opened WTP and made a ring with your specs 7" od, 4.5 id, 48 segments.
SL = 0.46"
Board width = 1.25"
economy board = 24.4"
grain match = 28.26"

I have a few questions
- Have you tried deleting the ring, adding it back in with your 7"od and 4.5" id. ?
Did that fix the problem.?
(I would close WTP, restart it and then do the ring deletion and addition) assumed you have saved the project.)

If that didn't fix the issue I would take the summary sheet for your plan and recreate the project under a new file.
If that doesn't fix it, you could attach your *.wtp file so we can take a look at it and see if we can find the issue.
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