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bonjour; le pere noel m a amener un stomber, toutefois j ai des questions
Sur le premier disque plein de la base vous créer un percement pour recevoir le haut de la tige du stromber, comment la faire disparaître si vous réaliser une urne a col fermer par exemple?A quoi sert le filetage de la partie haute de la tige du STROMBER?.MERCI POUS VOS EXPLICATIONS

robert turcan France

Bob Beaupre

Staff member
Welcome to the forum Robert,
The threaded part at the top are left over from when it was a sprinkler and of no use as a part of the Stomper, except you will use that for centering in your indention in the base of the bowl.
As far as removing the indentation after the bowl is finished. I have hot glued a small piece to the base and then drilled the indention into that piece. It is then easily removed when finishing the bottom


Merci de votre réponse et j ai compris,on colle un morceau de bois on le perce et apres on le retire , c est super merci du conseil