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    How to make "Complementary" Segments with a wedgieless sled?

    Greg, please correct me if I am wrong but I disagree that you have to flip every other piece to eliminate the error. If you draw a line along the top front of your board your cutting, the line will alternate from the front of a segment to back of the segment. Your line will always be on top of...
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    Skate bowl

  3. Glenn McCarron

    Segmented pens?

    Pretty intricate for a slimline pen, well done.
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    Comment by 'Glenn McCarron' in media '100_0190 (2).JPG'

    Very dynamic, great choice of woods.
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    Beginner's Project - Open Segment Christmas Ornament

    Paul, Apple "Numbers" will read an Excel spreadsheet.
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    Segmented Pro question

    I think you will do yourself a disservice by taking off one guide. The whole purpose of the segeasy sled is to have perfect joints. By using the cut and flip method you are at the mercy of how accurate the fence is set to give you the perfect angle. Being off the slightest amount will accumulate...
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    Comment by 'Glenn McCarron' in media '2020 Olla'

    Very impressive piece. Congrats.
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    Comment by 'Glenn McCarron' in media '20210604_145144.jpg'

    Very inspirational. I like how yo did the base. Adds a lot more stability than the standard one.
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    Comment by 'Glenn McCarron' in media 'Flower Power'

    Hello mcgee. Try this link Title: Closed Segment Project 1441 This bowl I did a full follow along of my process. As you will read my thing in making the rings is to ensure that they are round. Any variance will make it difficult to get good alignment. Let me know if the link does not work or if...
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    Am I a bad person?

    I had joined a number of years ago for 1 year but found the magazine progressively moving towards more carving and artsy pieces that were well beyond my skill set.
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    gaps between rows

    If after you add a ring to a bowl and it is not running true there is nothing wrong with taking a light cut with your bowl gouge to flatten the ring. Then a very light touch with the sanding board should do the trick.
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    Comment by 'Glenn McCarron' in media '20201218_203728.jpg'

    Nice color combo. I especially like the soft top edge that has been lightly rounded over.
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    Cutting rings

    Thanks for posting the extra picture. Very intriguing bowl.
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    Cutting rings

    Holger, might you be able to post a few more pictures? I love to see the inside, type of wood & finish info as well. Great looking bowl.
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    Comment by 'Glenn McCarron' in media 'Flower Bowl'

    You should be very pleased. It shows very nicely.