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SW Dizzy Bowl


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Here is my WTP plan for the SW Dizzy Bowl.
Please note while the plan shows rings 3 through 37 as segmented rings. The rings are cut from a blank. If I used "disk" , you only get the OD (outside diameter). By selecting "flat", you can get both the OD and ID (inside diameter). These measurements are critical in determining what rings can come out of each 1/8 thick blank.

I am still working on a Word file explaining the process in more detail.


  • acoma dizzy 2 one 8th.wtp
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Mike, Thanks for the files. In the spread sheet you show ROD and RID. What are they and how do you use them?
Yep. You got it. Outside and Inside Diameter.

I forget sometimes that my labels may not be all that clear to others. Especially when the cut summary from wtp labels them something different.
My computer does not want to open the wtp attachment. I does go into the segment pro software, but I cannot find where it takes the attachment from there.
File is for a Woodturner Pro. WTP files cannot be opened in SP.

If you do not have WTP you can download a fully functional version for free for a 30 day trial.
I am also searching thru this new software per your instructions and do not find the choices "flat" or "disc"?

The flat or disc are ring types found in WTP.

This thread started in 2016. I developed the dizzy bow in WTP. You can do the same in SP. The key is using the summary which gives you the inside and outside diameter of each ring. If you use a spreadsheet like Excel, you can sort by diameter. From that you can figure out how many rings you can get out of each blank.