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Beta version of Table Saw Sled


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Just found and watched Beta version of Table Saw Sled. It as great, sound and pictures much better than with your older equipment. Explanation was great. where do I go to down load the full size templates.
Update 1/20/15: I have updated the PDF file with a page that shows hole spacings for closed segment angles as requested in a later post to this thread. Lloyd

Hi Jon,

As the description said, I only posted it so that I could have a couple people review it so I could make changes before going live with it. It doesn't have the intro or the wrap-up on it but I'm close to having that done.

I don't mind that people see it now, though, as I could use more input as to how to improve it. So anyone reading this post is welcome to view it and your comments or critiques are welcome.

Here is the BETA version of the sled drawings.

View attachment 350

CLICK HERE for the beta video.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Jon. The new setup is fun to use and the quality is definitely better. So that you know how I'm doing it, I'm using a three-camera solution - an iPhone for the wide angle with an external sound device and professional mics, a GoPro camera overhead and a GoPro camera on a magnetic base. The tri-pod hold the iPhone also holds my iPad which has notes scrolling so that I don't forget to cover topics. Everything is wi-fi enabled so that it gets transmitted back to my computer in close to real time. I digitally remove the fisheye of the GoPro cameras and then I do all the mixing with Adobe Premiere and special effects (if there are any) with Adobe After Effects. The challenge is to manage all of this all by myself. If you make one mistake, you have to start completely over. I have a friend that this happened to. :-O

As soon as I finish the video and drawings, I'll create a sticky post in the right place and upload it to my Youtube channel.



  • Table Saw Sled.pdf
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Hi Lloyd, Neat sled with a fast change between angles. Have you thought about making an angled stop block for the measurement on the left side? Of course you would need to be able to change the block or insert a new rod for each angle. Using one side to hold the stock and measuring with the other makes a lot of sense and would be faster than a clamp.

I had thought about this but wasn't sure it was a good tradeoff for being able to rotate the stop in four positions. The more I think about it, though, the more I like the idea of an angled stop to be parallel with the kerf. This way, I can fix a ruler to the fence and that would be a great time saver. I'm going to experiment with this today. It is certainly easy enough to do as you can just put it in the right position and let the saw cut it. I'll make a new stop and make sure the rod only goes half way through it so that there's no chance of hitting the bar with the blade.

Thanks for your suggestion, Stuart. It is great that a forum can be a source for collaboration.

Lloyd,I watched the video about the sled,thanks ,very well done.In it you mention that the paper templates that you use for drilling holes can be downloaded .Can you direct me to where that would be.Thanks dovetail (rob)

You'll see it in the first post from me on this thread (I believe it is the fourth post).

I'm making a few changes, but nothing that affects the construction of the sled.

Thanks for the plans Lloyd - - EXCELLENT video and jig - - you are so good with explaining stuff!. Could you suggest how I can modify your design to cut 15 degree (12 segment) angles? I think there is a trigonometry formula but if you have some suggestions that would be great.
Thanks Wayne,

I was thinking about doing this anyway, but your question gave me a good reason for doing it now.
I have added a new page to the PDF printout that has the hole spacings for 6, 8, 12, 16, 24 closed segments and a zero-degree spacing as well.
I added additional saw kerfs so you can pick the one that will let you add new angles that will let each one have a zero clearance kerf.
Thanks for your question, Wayne, and please let me know if you have additional questions. I hope to have this video done today and will be moving the post to a permanent locations.
Below you will find just the new page and the entire five page document.



  • Table Saw Sled - Closed Segments.pdf
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  • Table Saw Sled.pdf
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Very Nice Lloyd - - appreciate the "extra effort" in posting this. I plan on starting to make this sled this weekend - I'll send pics (along with any question, if you don't mind) soon>
Thanks again!
Wayne, great video and excellent idea. In it you refer to a tap you purchased from Harbor Freight - I looked online and could not find the set you referred to. Do you by chance know the model #?