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How to make a Bowl



My friend made me aware of this Software,So this is my First Post.I hope I will be forgiven by the many members of the Woodturning Fraternity, I am not a Lathe man, I am just learning to make Bowls ,by the Scroll Saw and Router Method. Basic Principle.say 12x12 inch x1 inch board, glued with 3,4,or6 different Colored wood strips, and from Center out, you cut Rings Set on top of each other,and glue.Then Sand and prepare for finishing, Has anyone, used this Software, to design their work ,using Scroll Saw? I would be very grateful ,for any help or advise, on this Software.if it would suit my purpose.

Yours Kindly Paul

Jim Westmoreland

Hi Paul,
Sounds like you are making a "Bowl from a Board" Lloyd who is the owner of Woodturner Pro is working on software and a jig for just that application. There is a category for "Bowls from a Board " in the Gallery section and in the forum section as well that you may want to check out. I have been in touch with Lloyd on the software and he trying to get to it as soon as he can. Lloyd is a very busy man. His products are great and worth the wait.