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Ring View

Dennis Castle

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Sorry if you've answered this question before, but I'm trying to figure out if I can to a screen which shows an overhead view of each ring and the location of individual segments on that ring. When I hit the ring tab at the top of the screen, my program goes to a screen my C drive with file folders and returens a message that it can't locate ring data.

I'm assuming that the location of each segment and wood type on a ring is necessary in completing a design on the bowl.


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Hi Dennis.
In SP the ring view is used only for layout if you have "painted" a design. SP produces a pdf file. In the pop up window you add the name of the pdf file. The default location is on your C drive under My Segment Pro.

If you have not painted a design you will get a message basically indicating in is not available.
Make sure you have selected painted segment and you have painted a design.

painting a ring does not work if tornado or featured ring is selected. For full control of each ring you would need to use WTP.
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