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select bottom size



If I use a standard bowl profile is there a way to change the size of the bottom disc? I have changed the wall profile(s) but can't seem to find anywhere to change the size of the bottom in segment Pro.


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Segment Pro is rules based and limits a bit of what you can do to individual rings. WTP gives you full control of each ring including the base.

In SP a way to make the bottom disk larger is in the BOWL Settings window, bottom right side you can use the Diameter less / more buttons.
- By clicking on the button, the vessel diameter will be decreased / increased including the base disk.

Another way is in the Profile View is to mouse over the "red dot" at the base, hold down the mouse button and move the dot.
That will change the profile.

Not sure why you are wanting to change the size of the base disk if the rest of the profile is fine.
The last alternative is to build the vessel in WTP. You can input what size you want the base to be, (diameter and thickness).

Lloyd Johnson

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You can do as Mike says and move the bottom dot to the right to make that disk with a larger diameter, but I would advise against that. Through the years there’s been a tremendous amount of discussion about a flared base and it’s been almost universally agreed that this is not a good design decision. The profile should go continuously to the very bottom of the bowl. The only time that I would have a larger base is if I was making a cremation urn which you really don’t want to risk having it fall over or off a ledge after a small tremor.