Radial segments in Lamination Pro


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I guess I need to see a picture to understand how it’s different from a regular segmented ring.

LP has a help section. Look at the radial segment section. It has some examples of design from the laminate and glued into a disk.
Think of it of having a pattern within the segment. The pattern created from cutting the laminate.

"Radial segments

Radial segments are cut in a manner that the number of segments shown in the Segment Selection Control will create a perfect disc. Pushing the Radial button displays the saw kerf positions on the board currently in the Viewport."

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Attached pdf may be of interest to you.
I have done a couple of bowl from a board. Worked up the bowl design in WTP. Exported the summary sheet and imported into Excel.
Used Excel to figure out which rings could be cut from each blank.

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