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Inside-Out Ornament SketchUp Tutorial in 3 parts

Lloyd Johnson

Staff member
I made this tutorial a couple years ago and have intended to redo it but have not had the time. I've been asked to repost it, though and so here it is for those that are interested. There are two purposes for doing this tutorial. First, it explains how inside-out ornaments are made and second, it will show advanced techniques in SketchUp and many members of this community are becoming power users of SketchUp for wood turnings.

Here is an example of what these inside-out ornaments can look like:
Four Ornaments - IRende - 1024.jpg

I have given these ornaments as presents and people just love them because they cannot understand how they are made by just looking at them. I know it's a little late for Christmas, but some of my most popular ones have been inside-out Valentines Day gifts with hearts instead of Christmas trees, so there's always a good time to make these.

Here are the three parts of the tutorial. The first one describes the process of making and inside out ornament:

The second part shows how to make an ornament with a in-side out tree:

The third part shows how to draw a finial for the ornament:

Lloyd Johnson

Staff member
There seems to be a problem with embedding three videos in a single post, so I just changed them to links to the tutorials instead. See the first post in this thread for the links.