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The usage of Lamination Pro



Hi there. I am new to this site and am quite intrigued by the Lamination Pro software. I have a question for which I'm hoping you might be able to answer for me. I do quite a bit of wood work and am always looking for ways in which I might be able to take my products to another level. With that said, I have a couple projects at hand (cutting boards) and was wondering if the designs I create in Lamination Pro can be cut out in the segments and this design incorporated into my cutting boards? What I'm looking for is a way in which I can create a main seam down the middle of the cutting board with varied designs, and am hoping that the Lamination Pro will not only allow me to design the pattern, but also indicate the angle and size cuts of the wood which I will have to make in order to bring the design to life.


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Welcome to the WTP forums. First I would recommend that you look through the Lamination Pro threads that can be found at:
Title: Lamination PRO

You may also be interested in some examples of what LP can do at
Title: Lamination PRO Samples

The attached file gives some tips on construction.
In LP one thing to remember is the "repeating unit" should be as close as possible to the desired segment edge length. The "first cut width" is what is adjusted to come up with the repeating unit / SL

The segment cut angle depends on the number of segments you are cutting to make a ring. The angle in LP is the cut angle to make the multi generation board into the design.

Hope this helps.


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