1. Bluemax

    Laser made segments

    I haven't posted in a while because I've been busy on other things. I have recently made 2 vases with open segments made on my Muse laser. I found that the creation of a segment design to cut only takes about 2 minutes which allows you to make as many of that size as you want. The cutting is...
  2. Peter Huckstep

    My Second Urn

    A close friends wife past away and I felt I needed to do something special for his family. I got to work and made this urn. I don't think its bad for my second urn. I added a threaded lid for ease of opening and closing and some chatter work to the lid.
  3. Dizzy Vase

    Dizzy Vase

    I've seen some Dizzy Bowls and wanted to apply the technique to a vase. I also used a glass tube in the vase so that it would be a usable project.
  4. Glenn McCarron

    Vase from a Board

    There's been talk about the Dizzy Bowl but not a dizzy vase so that is what I want to try. I milled material today and glued the block required. I will slice boards from my block at about 3/8 thick and then plane them to 1/4. I should get 6 boards to work with. I will then mark the...
  5. IMG_1314


  6. fishing vase

    fishing vase

    Here is my latest turning which features inlay work depicting a man in a boat fishing with fish below him and birds above it is constructed using Ash for the sea bed / river bed, Sapele as the sea Ash oak and maple for the fish Maple for the sky Walnut for the fisher man birds and...
  7. Inside view Ash and Purple Heart Vase

    Inside view Ash and Purple Heart Vase

    Inside view Ash and Purple Heart Vase
  8. Segmented Vase ash and purple heart.

    Segmented Vase ash and purple heart.

    Ash and Purple Heart Vase.
  9. segmented vase

    segmented vase

    I made this vase for my daughter as a Christmas present. I dyed the wood.
  10. Zig Zag vase

    Zig Zag vase

    Made of blood wood and curly maple. Stands 20" tall.
  11. Southwest Vase

    Southwest Vase

    My very first segmented vase, thanks to 3d design pro and woodturner pro. I used maple, redheart and wenge.
  12. 31 1/2" Segmented Vase

    31 1/2" Segmented Vase

    This is my 4th Segmented turn production, It just made by American Oak and Vietnam Bloodwood. Hope you like it.
  13. Stave Vase

    Stave Vase

    The vase is 180 mm high and 90 mm wide. The staves are made from an unknown wood species and the vertical spacers from Imbuia flanked by Oak veneer
  14. 0128141231


    this vase is mahogany and curly is approx. 13 inches is 397 pieces
  15. Spiral Vase

    Spiral Vase

    Spiral Vase 12.5" H X 6.5" D, 540 segments Mrytle wood, Paduak spiral, and Wenge top and basel. This is my 3rd attempted open segment using the stomper.
  16. Hodgepodge Vase

    Hodgepodge Vase

    This was the result of using some scraps I had saved. The top ring was an attempt to form ovals. The swirls in the middle came from a design that didn't work out. Materials include walnut, maple, purple heart...and whatever else may be there.
  17. SWTbirdVase2


    6-5/8" h x 6-1/4" d Shedua Purpleheart Lyptus Maple Yellowheart
  18. SWTbirdVase1


    6-5/8" h x 6-1/4" d Shedua Purpleheart Lyptus Maple Yellowheart
  19. SWBlanketBowl8


    5-1/2" h x 7-7/8" d Maple Walnut Paduak
  20. SWBlanketBowl6


    4" h x 7" d Shedua Purpleheart Lyptus Maple Yellowheart