1. Orbits


    It consists of 12 x 18-segment rings (Beech) glued together and then turned into a sphere. It is then parted and a thin ring (3 mm) glued between the two halves of the sphere. This process is repeated 4 times and the result is what you see. It has a diameter of about 130 mm (5.1 inch) and...
  2. Icosahedron Sphere

    Icosahedron Sphere

    This icosahedron was made as described by Malcolm Tibbetts in his book on segmented woodturning. It has a diameter of 120 mm (4.7 inches) and contains: 20 triangles (African White Pear) 12 circles (Imbuia) 60 splines consisting of: Ash veneer, Maple veneer and central 3mm thick unknown...