96.58.5 10-9-21.png

96.58.5 10-9-21.png

This pattern i made september 10, woods are wenge, oak, merbau, padouk and yew.
It is a large bowl, 41 cm wide, about 30 cm high and holds 96 pieces a row, 57 rows, about 4.6 mm thick.
Bottom row is wenge 24 pieces, 24 mm thick.
When done i'll post some pictures here.

With a router and a aluminum disc i created a wooden disc 490 mm diameter with 4 mm holes like the Tom Lohman gluejig, works amazingly well.
That’s spectacular! I can’t wait to see the finished piece.
Gluing and turning are done, Inside is already sanded. Tomorrow or monday i'll put finish on it.
3 coats of polyurethane, 24 hours drying between coats. It is a large bowl and i like it.
Thanks for the reply. Ok no problem. It would have to be saved as a plan first and then you could upload the saved plan file to here. Its a json file. It would be located in you segment pro folder in My Documents. I really love your design and will try to duplicate it from the pic you uploaded. If you couldn't upload it you could e-mail the file if it wasn't a problem.

to be saved

Yes, but how does that work again? The design was only saved as image and printed. Not as plan.
The pictures name shows the number of pieces in a ring (96) rows (58) thickness of the woods (5mm) and the date.
No problem. Thank you for letting me use your design. I think I will make this piece an open segment design. You created a beautiful pattern.

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