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  1. Open segmented vase, wenge wood and curly maple

    Open segmented vase, wenge wood and curly maple

    This vase is made using Wenge Wood and Curly Maple. Wenge is beautiful wood, dirty to turn, and a tad tricky, but well worth it as it comes out pretty nice. Very dark.
  2. open segment bow

    open segment bow

    open segment bowl is 6 "tall and 9" in diameter. The maderasi marupa used were mahogany. This is my first bowl of open segment.
  3. Open Segment Orbits

    Open Segment Orbits

    The sphere (18 segments per ring) is made of African Wild pear and has a diameter of 135 mm. There are 5 orbits inserted which are made from different wood species of unknown origin. Each individual wood species (2 mm thick) was glued between Ash veneer before gang-cutting the segments at 8...
  4. Open Segmented Swirl Sphere

    Open Segmented Swirl Sphere

    4 1/2 inch diameter open segmented ball using 24 Seg-Easy on The Stomper. Rosewood end caps with maple, cherry and walnut segments. Sitting on a rustic stained base.