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    Hello from Nevada City, CA

    Welcome to the group Randy. If you need a very accurate table saw sled for cutting segments please visit my website. Title: Woodturning | Petemarkenwoodturner
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    New to Segmented Turning Help!!!!

    You will certainly find help with this group. Welcome aboard.
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    Segmenting sled price increase

    Over the last several months the cost for materials has increased about 20%. I regret that I will have to raise my prices by about 10%. Please visit my website for current pricing. Title: Woodturning | Petemarkenwoodturner
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    Segment kick back

    Here is a link to a short video of how I cut segments using my sled and cutoff table. email: p_marken@bellsouth.net https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bHCuVC2dlAXR200AunuZ-RCvZMpd3LTf/view
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    Haven't used my standard sled for open seg.
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    Hello from Alabama

    Where in Alabama? I live in Calera and member of the Alabama Woodturners Assn.
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    Wedgie VS Lloyd's sled

    Hope you have very good liability insurance.
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    Open Segment Sled: 14" X 14" CNC machined from baltic birch plywood. Includes UHMW miter track runner with 8-32 adjusting screws. The sled is lightly sanded and unfinished. There are index pins for preset angles to work with the Segeasy open segment plates. There is also a 60 seg. setting for...
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    Wedgie VS Lloyd's sled

    This is my setup for cutting extremely accurate segments, it works with indexing pins and is very repeatable. The ring shown is 72 segments right off the saw with no sanding. www.petemarkenwoodturning.com/
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    Wedgie VS Lloyd's sled

    I am in the process of designing a sled with preset angles to fit Jerry's open segment plates. It is based on my hybrid sled and will also be able to be used with closed segment wedgies. The picture is the hybrid sled for closed segments.
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    Flattening rings

    you can't beat a drum sander for flattening rings.
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    Longworth Centering Jig

    You can put large fender washers on the centering bolts and keep the flat with wing nuts.
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    Hybrid Segmenting Sled

    HYBRID SEGMENTING TABLE SAW SLED This is a combination of the standard wedgie sled and the wedgie-less sled. It will work with the SEGEASY wedgies or preset index settings for 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 36, 48, 72, and 144 segments. The sled is CNC machined from baltic birch ply and is laser engraved...
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    gaps between rows

    Just use a drum sander. when you get to the proper thickness leave the sander setting as it is and rotate the ring 90 deg. and run it through the sander 4 times to compensate for your drum not being parallel to the conveyor belt.
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    CNC Open Seg easy plates out of HDPE

    "O" flute bits work well single flute about 18000 rpm and have excellent results about 100 IPM.