Clickable Video Tutorial Links Appear Broken

stuart johnson

Super Moderator
Staff member
When I click on the "New Video Tutorials" button on the banner it takes me to the forums page. When the banner "CLICK HERE" is clicked I get a WTP error page.

Lloyd Johnson

Staff member
I'm doing some housekeeping to make the forum easier to navigate. I've started by relocating all video tutorials to the same place and so the new place is the first thing that appears in the forum since that has been a problem for first-time visitors.

I deleted that Notice and will be replacing it soon. I'm going to try to get all of the Segment PRO tutorials redone by tomorrow so that the user interface of the tutorials will match the current state of the software.

I'm also going to see about relocating the sample files into the same structure and try to reduce the number of categories and forums to make it easier to find what you're after. I try to do these on off-hours so that it is not being done when visitors are present, but if it happens during the day, just remember that it is 'work in progress' and the end result will be better.