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Profile Question


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Is there a way to add points to the profile line in the bowl view? I'd like to refine the profile more than what is currently available.
As far as I know you cannot add nodes (points) to a Segment Pro profile once completed.

There is a workaround that might work for you.
- Do a PrintScreen and crop out the profile view. That will save the profile in the screenshot folder in windows.
- Click on the */- Image to bring up the image editor in SP
- select past from clip board. You should your profile image. (if that does not work click on open and navigate to the screenshot folder and select the image
- close the editor window. You should have the old profile image in the profile window.
- redraw your profile using the image as a guide and add the extra points (nodes you wanted to add)

Unlike WTP, SP does not have a way to directly modify the profile line and adding nodes

3DDesignPro / WTP allows modification to a completed profile.
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