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Basic Bowl questions


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Hello, brand new user here, day 4, I am looking to start with a very basic bowl, 5 row open form. Two questions, wondering can I take of of the existing profiles and change the number of rows? and/or, is there a basic profile I am missing. I have tried the fruit bowl, but when I try to remove the foot, I end up with an ugly profile.

Might be time to watch the tutorials :)



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Good morning Dan.
- In SP the number of rings is calculated based on the ring thickness and the type of vessel selected. (painted/tornado vs featured ring)
Selecting the type of vessel (painted) , adjusting the bowl height and ring thickness, SP calculates the number of rings.

- If you want full control use WoodTurnerPro. In WTP you have to build each ring. In general the step are to:
- design vessel profile in 3DDesignPro.
- import profile to WTP. You have a choice of setting height or width of the vessel when the profile is imported to WTP
- build your rings.

I would suggest looking at the tutorials. They are helpful. Some of the tutorials are dated and based on earlier version of the software. So, some options may not still exists (WTP grid feature for example). They are still very useful in getting to know the software.

The SP tutorials are numbered. I would start with 1 and work down the list.