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    3DP & WTP open vessel

    This one was fun to make and was supposed to have been my 2013 Segmenters Christmas exchange gift, but it had too many flaws. The seed pot shape is a stock one supplied with the 3DP software. Proper radial alignment of layers is critical.
  2. Seedless in Seattle

    Seedless in Seattle

    What do you call a seed pot with holes in it that was designed using a software written by a friend who lives in the Pacific Northwest.......'Seedless in Seattle' of course. My second completed open segmented vessel, this one had too many flaws to fulfill its original purpose. Measuring...
  3. The Santa Fe Trail

    The Santa Fe Trail

    Made of African mahogany, curly maple and block turquoise, The Santa Fe Trail is about 6" in diameter and 6.25" tall. It was fun to make. It is my Segmented Wodturners Christmas exchange gift for 2013 and now belongs to Wendell Mills.
  4. Santa Fe Breeze

    Santa Fe Breeze

    Made of curly maple and African mahogany, Santa Fe Breeze is about 6" in diameter and 6.25" tall. It was made parallel to my Segmenter's Christmas exchange gift......... as a backup, just in case.
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    Stomper Station

    Art, I went back to Amazon and they listed some other buying choices that were about the same price, but included free shipping w/o needing to satisfy the $25 min requirement.
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    Stomper Station

    Art, Thanks so much for your kind offer, but I have already ordered some........some for me and some for friends. I'll check w/my dentist before I order any more though.
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    Stomper Station

    Art, The syringe idea looks great. I looked them up on Google and Amazon has the exact item priced at 5 for $6.55 ......and their usual free shipping on orders over $25.... Though some in the group would be interested. I'm gonna order some.
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    Transition zig zag bowl

    M, I have made several transitional vessels using mohogany as the main species. Never used inlace, but I have had no failures after several years.
  9. Kathryn's Wish

    Kathryn's Wish

    This vessel is 9" x 5.5", made from curly maple, bloodwood, walnut, ebonized walnut veneer and block turquoise. This will be our daughter's Christmas present this year. A while back, she asked if I could make her something with turquoise in it. Thanks again to Ray Allen and Dale Nish...
  10. Indian Summer II

    Indian Summer II

    This vessel is 10" x 8", made from canary wood, bloodwood, curly maple, walnut, ebonized walnut veneer, kingwood, and block turquoise. This will be a gift for a very special friend of ours. Thanks again to Ray Allen and Dale Nish, and Malcolm Tibbetts for all I have learned from their...
  11. Cookies Galore loaded with Oreos

    Cookies Galore loaded with Oreos

    It worked.... Included bottom view.
  12. Cookies Galore

    Cookies Galore

    This is PFB (platter from a board). I was elected to make the cookie platter for the July meeting of the Alamo Woodturners. The platter is designed to hold Oreo cookies, all set on edge in the 3 tiers of circles. It measures 15" x 3" with a foot a little over 4". Unknown wood...
  13. my 1st open segmented piece

    my 1st open segmented piece

    Thanks to LLoyd Johnson for his 'Tornado Bowl' WTP design and his instruction, I was able to complete my first open segmented vessel. Made from canary and padauk, it is 7-3/4 x 3-1/2. Very easy to make. .....Actually it was my second attempt. The 1st one had a 'Humpty Dumpty' event, just...
  14. Segmented Bowl for woodturning club gift exchange

    Segmented Bowl for woodturning club gift exchange

    I made this bowl for our club's Christmas gift exchange and since it was fun and you can make it quickly, I've posted the 3D Design PRO profile and the Woodturner PRO plan to the forum category Member Contributed Projects. Here is the link...
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    design a bwl frm a bd...

    I'm in eager anticipation mode !!