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Open Segment Vessel variable gaps and lengths

Open Segment Vessel variable gaps and lengths

First time posting.... so forgive me if I've done things in an awkward manner.

I have some experience with segmented and open-segmented vessels. My current interest is in an object with variable segment lengths and variable gaps between segments.
See the photo above.
I use WTP for all of my objects, and I think it is awesome. My wish is to use WTP for a vessel like the one in the photo.
In short, the even rows have segments of identical lengths, but they are spaced with variable gaps. Instead of a 10-degree gap betwen each segment, I alternate between 5- and 15-degree gaps. I can accomplish this pretty easily with my index wheel. WTP correctly calculates my segment edge length and I adjust the gap as stated.
The odd rows give me a little trouble. The segment lengths vary due to the 5- or 15-degree gap from the previous even row. They alternate between 15 and 25 degrees. But I cannot use the segment edge lengths from WTP because they assume all segments are the same degrees in width.
If I can use WTP for this, great! Please help me understand how.
WOW. Very nice and unique. Good color contrast.
Hopefully Lloyd will see this and comment. He would know if its possible to do within WTP.
Only thing I could think of is make multiple copies of your wtp file.
one for each of the different open segment degrees. That might not work.
Here's one way to calculate the SEL of the 8 solid segments for each odd row.
Given that there are 4 gaps of 15 degrees and 4 gaps of 5 degrees on each row,
4 * 15 + 4 * 5 = 80 degrees.
360 - 80 = 280 degrees of solid wood.
280 / 8 solid segments = 35 degrees for each solid segment.
The common denominator of 35, 15 and 5 is 5.
360 / 5 = 72, therefore
To calculate the SEL of the solid segments in the odd rings, draw them as 72-segment rows in WTP and the SEL of each solid segment is 7 times the SEL of one of the 72 segments.
Easy, peasy.

Love the open segment on this but for me it would be a big pucker factor while turning it hoping it would not explode on me.

Me personally that is my favorite of segmenting and hope I can do it in the future. Well done

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