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Woodturner PRO

Segmented Woodturning Simplified


Software Downloads

NOTE: Do not use the Microsoft Edge Browser to download the software due to problems with Edge.

Important Details:

THIS SOFTWARE HAS BEEN WRITTEN FOR PCs RUNNING WINDOWS. If you wish to install it on an Apple Macintosh, please read the FAQ to show how this is possible.

If you are upgrading, it is not necessary to uninstall your prior version.

If this is the first time you have ever download the software, it will start in the trial mode.

If you start the software and it says Trial Time has Expired, it means that this software title was installed on this computer some time in the past. This cannot be reset.

To check the version and build number of your installed software, click File > Help > About

Software Installers

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Software Version Build
NEW! Segment PRO
Read these documents before installing

Video Tutorials
Frequently Asked Questions
1.1 1.1.028
3D Design PRO (now free!) 3.1 3.1.09
Woodturner PRO
If using Windows XP, download the following:
Woodturner PRO for WinXP
3.1 3.1.016
DO NOT use the Microsoft Edge browser to download!
Lamination PRO
3.2 3.2.018