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Woodturner PRO

Segmented Woodturning Simplified


Woodturner PRO

The most powerful and easy-to-use-segmenting software in the world.

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Everything: Segment PRO, Lamination PRO, Woodturner PRO & FREE 3D Design PRO (Save $98!)


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Segment PRO, Lamination PRO, Woodturner PRO & FREE 3D Design PRO - $237 if bought separately. Save $98!.  
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Suite: Segment PRO & Lamination PRO (Save $49!)


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Enter your image caption here Suite: Woodturner PRO/3D Design PRO & Lamination PRO (Save $49!)


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Lamination PRO ONLY


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Lamination PRO ONLY - this purchase does not include 3D Design PRO or Woodturner PRO.
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Segment PRO


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Segment PRO (authorization code will be emailed within 24 hours)  
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Enter your image caption here Woodturner PRO with free 3D Design PRO


Price: 79.00

$158 if bought separately - Save $49  
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One Hour Screen Sharing Training

Price: 50.00

A trained expert will work with you over the phone while using screen sharing technology. Training can be purchased separately either before or after purchase of software.  
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Retrieve Lost Authorization code with a Software Backup Flash Drive

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Key Points

Any ring type imagineable

Create vessels using solid disks, closed segments, open segments, staves, compound segments, veneer rings and even spoke and wheel configuarions.

Snap all diameters with single click of the mouse

Once you transfer your wall profile from 3D Design PRO to Woodturner PRO, you can click the ProfileSNAP button and all inside and outside diameters will immediately SNAP to the wall profile.

Activate a Golden Section overlay

Use the overlay to see height versus width Fibonacci ratios. Use major Golden Section lines to see where to position the feature ring. Use minor lines to determine how wide the mouth and base of a vessel should be relative to the overall width.

Import designs from Lamination PRO

Visualize the complete design, including a feature ring created in Lamination PRO.

Change the properties of multiple rings all at once

Once you identify the rings that are to be part of the selection, you can change all the details of the selected rings at the same time.

Repeat paint to speed painting segments

Before painting segments, tell the software how many times per row the painting is to be repeated.

For pre-sales questions about of software, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Woodturner PRO has been designed for ease of entering and modifying ring details and displaying results in a visual as well as a printed output. As you add rows of rings to your drawing, you can specify the wood species which will paint each segment in that ring using a photo image file. Dozens of species are included in the software and you can add as many additional species as you like by simply browsing to an image file and providing a name for the species.

Arrowkeys give you a quick way to modify ring diameters and navigate between the rings. Toolbars give you quick access to aids such as grid lines, glue surface widths and wall profiles.The calculations window shows the exact segment cutting instructions necessary to create a ring of the specified dimensions.

Here are screenshots of various views and overlays in Woodturner PRO:

Vessel View

The Vessel View shows all segments painted with species of your choice. Dozens of species are included and you can add your own by simply copying image files into a folder. This view allows you to rotate the vessel to the left, right or continuous rotation.


Cutaway View

The Cutaway View shows you the outisde and inside diameters of each ring and is the primary view for adding new rows to the vessel. 

Ring View

The Ring View is a full-size image of the currently selected row. It shows segment numbers and is painted with a color that closely resembles the species. When printed, this page also has all the cutting details and instructions for creating the ring. This view is particularly helpful in placing the various segments in their proper location. 

Summary View

The Summary View is a printout of the entire vessel which includes a single line for each row. This printout shows pertinent details for creating each row. You will typically print this view to take to the shop when you're ready to create the vessel.


Segment View

The Segment View shows one segment in detail from the currently selected row. 

Golden Ratio Overlay

The Golden Ration overlay gives you the ability to make design decision based on the Golden Ratio. For example, you might use the ratio to determine where to center a feature ring or how wide a vessel might be based on the height. It has both major and minor ratio indicators. 

Glueline Overlay

The Glue Line overlay simly shows you the width of the surface areas between two adjacent rings. This is a fast way of knowing if you current design has enough glue surface area to keep a vessel intact. 

3D Wall Profile Overlay

The Wall Profile overlay is a visual representation of the area that is available for your wall profile. If portions of the hash overlay turn from green to red, it means that there is a problem with how two adjacent rows have been created. 

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