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Woodturner PRO

Segmented Woodturning Simplified


Segment PRO

A radical new approach to designing segmented bowls.

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Everything: Segment PRO, Lamination PRO, Woodturner PRO & FREE 3D Design PRO (Save $98!)


Price: 139.00

Segment PRO, Lamination PRO, Woodturner PRO & FREE 3D Design PRO - $237 if bought separately. Save $98!.  
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Suite: Segment PRO & Lamination PRO (Save $49!)


Price: 109.00

Segment PRO and Lamination PRO.- $158 if bought separately - Save $49  
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Enter your image caption here Suite: Woodturner PRO/3D Design PRO & Lamination PRO (Save $49!)


Price: 109.00

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Lamination PRO ONLY


Price: 79.00

Lamination PRO ONLY - this purchase does not include 3D Design PRO or Woodturner PRO.
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Segment PRO


Price: 79.00

Segment PRO (authorization code will be emailed within 24 hours)  
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Enter your image caption here Woodturner PRO with free 3D Design PRO


Price: 79.00

$158 if bought separately - Save $49  
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One Hour Screen Sharing Training

Price: 50.00

A trained expert will work with you over the phone while using screen sharing technology. Training can be purchased separately either before or after purchase of software.  
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Retrieve Lost Authorization code with a Software Backup Flash Drive

Price: 15.00

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Key Points

Video Tutorials!


Change bowl height with single clicks

As you change the height, rows will automatically be added or deleted to achieve the specified height.

Change properties with single clicks

Change the entire bowl with single-click changes to segments, row thickness, species and open/closed configurations.

Switch Bowl Type with single click

Change between bowl types of Painted Segments, Feature Ring and Tornado Bowl with a single click.

Multiple Skill Levels

Single-click change bowl configuration to Novice, Intermediate or Advanced designs.

Price Quote System

Generate an automatic PDF price quote for a client with a picture of the bowl, the price and your contact information.

For pre-sales questions about Segment PRO, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Segment PRO provides a radical new way to design segmented bowls. It is a rapid development tool designed for simplicity, speed and flexibility - all in a 3D space. Like an autonomous car where you select a destination and enjoy the ride, Segment PRO lets you select the profile, give it some design instructions and watch as your bowl is built immediately for you in different bowl types and for different skill levels.

With this completed design, you can print out the Summary and head for the shop or you can customize nearly anything about the design before printing the Summary and then save it for future use.

Whether you design a Feature Ring, Painted Segment or Tornado bowl, a finished design is as little as seconds away. A Storyboard allows you refine the Feature Ring and Tornado properties and an amazingly powerful Paint page lets you paint segments on a rectangular palette where you can paint more than 1000 segments in less than a minute.

Here are screenshots of various views and overlays in Segment PRO:

Profile Builder

The Profile Builder allows you to create a simple or complex wall profile simply by adding points with mouse clicks. Or you can open one of nearly 200 sample files in various categories.

Cutaway View

Bezier curves representing the inside and outside wall profiles are created automatically. The bowl is built automatically based on those curves.

Tornado Bowl

A Tornado Bowl is designed using from two to eight tornado bands. You can paint each segment of a tornado band with whichever species you choose.

Feature Ring Bowl

A Feature Ring Bowl is built with three feature groups. The top, bottom and main feature group can be completely customized. The main feature group is automatically centered at the widest point of the bowl but can be repositioned as desired.

Painted Segment Bowl

The Painted Segment Bowl allows you to paint each segment with whatever species you choose. A design such as this one can be painted in as little as 60 seconds.

Paint Grid

The Paint Grid is automatically drawn with the number of rows and segments as are present in the current bowl. You select the number of repeats per row, select a species and click once. You can select a Diamond Pattern as a stamp pad which will paint a diamond any size and repeated the number of times you select, all with a single click.

Species Paint Palettes

By selecting a Species Paint Palette, your bowl will be painted with the species in that palette. Switching paint palettes immediately repaints the entire bowl. You can create and modify as many paint palettes as you like.


The Summary printout gives you instructions for cutting segments for each row of the bowl. You can optionally choose to optimize the summary by board width and by segment edge length. You can then group the printout by these parameters. You can reposition rows, sort rows up or down or sort by any column

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