• Are you looking for a coupon code to buy my software? You can get one from lots of 3rd party sites but they won't work. My software never goes on sale and has never been discounted. The only coupon codes that are given is when I give a club presentation and I offer a discount to the attendees. Other than that, everyone pays the same price.

Question re Updates


Jerry Prinds
Lloyd.....building my first vase and learning a lot and having fun. Your software needs to be sold at the Woodworking Shows!

My question - what is your policy re builds/updates/upgrades to the software? As new versions are made available are they free to existing owners? What might be the conditions where, say, SP has a new version that requires an upgrade fee?
I've only charged for one paid upgrade in the past 16 years and am not currently considering another at this time. That said, if it isn't possible to charge for the effort it takes to add new features, there will likely be fewer new features.

I have always used a minor/major approach in my software companies. All minor upgrades (3.0 to 3.1, for example) are free. Major upgrades are purchased (3.0 to 4.0). No major upgrades are even being considered right now. It's just too much work for a one-person company.