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Jewelry/Music Box

The first picture is a notch cut with the dremel to allow the spring of the music box to attach to the plunger.


This is the bottom and the well that I had to drill to handle the winding key.


The music box movement.


And getting ahead of myself I cut the felt inserts.


I've never tried flocking. Has anyone?
Today I made the little legs, installed the hinges, finish sanded and applied a coat of finish.

IMG_2226.JPG IMG_2227.JPG IMG_2228.JPG

Next day in the shop I'll re-sand the pieces and re-coat with the Minwax Antique Oil. Then I will assemble it and put on a final coat of finish.
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Put the third coat of Minwax Antique Oil on today. The Padauk seems to be absorbing a lot of finish and not yet building up. I'll try another coat tomorrow and see how it looks. I didn't notice this on my Flower bowl that had padauk in it as well.
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All done now. Put it all together this morning. I added the small chain as I thought where the top overlaps the base it will put a lot of stress on the hinges if it is opened to far. The chain restricts it but the cover will still stay open. The box is for a young child.

IMG_2244.JPG IMG_2246.JPG


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