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Hi from Michigan



Figured I better say hi. Been turning pens and occasional odd items for a few years, took a break for last 2 years when I broke the lathe. It's back up and running, tooling up for segmenting which I have only done for small turnings. More of a ooh here's a box of cutoffs that I can glue together and then waa la a new design is born. :eek:

Interested in turning bowls, have 3 basic bowls under my belt. Actually did them green between centers before I had a chuck. I'm tempted to go back and finish them properly but they do have a charm of their own.

Just glued up 3 glue blocks after threading them for the headstock. I should have bought a tap years ago, very nice. Have some more tooling coming as well in the next few weeks.

Wishing all a great day and Merry Christmas, Happy Shavings to all.
Hi John ,
A world worth of information can be had here on the forum. Watch the tutorial videos , try the demo downloads and you'll be hooked. Ask any questions you might have and you'll get answers.... some might even be correct :rolleyes:
Thanks for the warm welcome, have spend time reading a bunch on here and learning a lot. Will have to watch the videos and try the downloads. I'm halfway into a sled build at the moment, and hope to get it done tonight. Need to get my glue ups finished by Friday, and have a turning/finishing party Sat in order to give away on Sun. :rolleyes: